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5 tips for holiday ready feet!

The sun is out! The weather is just perfect. The beach beckons with its golden sand and bright blue hues ripple across the water. Finally it’s holiday time. Let’s jump into our summer gear! But wait – our feet and legs have not seen the light of day for the last few months! We look almost distastefully down to those lilly white legs, those poor dishevelled feet and sigh… they have almost been forgotten about these past few months – well until now. It’s Summer time and we want to show off our pins and make sure our feet are presentable.

Here we have done the work for you, and complied are our FANTASTIC FIVE foot tips to keep your feet feeling and looking fabulous during your Summer holiday getaways!

Archies Sandals

Recruit a comfy pair of shoes for your travels

When on holidays we tend to walk a lot – so make sure you have some comfortable shoes! There is nothing worse then needing to walk all day with your feet being sore. Find a shoe that breathes well and feels comfortable. At Pod Fit we are proud stockists of Archies Thongs – they are the perfect choice for your summer shoe with a supportive arch that looks and feels fantastic. Pop by the clinic to pick up your pair – we stock all colours shown.

Hotel Footwear

Wear shoes not only in the shower but also on the carpet

It is common knowledge to wear thongs in the shower at your hotel or apartment to avoid nasties like tinea or ringworm infecting your skin. Research now shows that more tinea infections are picked up from the carpet floors in hotel rooms! The reason for this is that hygiene has picked up so much in the bathroom with all sorts of cleaning products, but not so much on the carpet floors. Best to wear some shoes around your accomodation this holiday!

A Woman's Bands And Legs With Skin Care Products
Care for beautiful woman legs

Moisturise dry feet

Skin can tend to change during hoildays. Sometimes the water is different to what our skin is accustomed to and this can make skin dry. With wearing more open shoes and open backed shoes the skin hardens too. This can lead to rough skin and cracked heels. The best remedy is to apply cream to the feet every day, or even twice a day if you need! Most hotels will provide a little body cream in their bathroom – you’ve paid for it, so use it!

Wash And Dry Feet

Wash feet, between the toes and dry them too

Feet can get warm and sweaty with lots of walking on your trip, so give them a little special care! Make sure to wash and dry between all of your toes. Just letting the water and soap come down by gravity to clean the feet really does not do enough!

Legs With Suncream

Apply sunscreen to feet and between the toes

When putting on sunscreen it is super important to apply over the feet. Just like anywhere else on your body, the feet can get burnt too and it is very painful when this is the case! We see from time to time melanoma’s and other skin lesions between the toes – so it is important to put cream between each of your toes too. Prevention is always, always better than the cure!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our 5 tips for holiday ready feet! If you would like some more advice on these topics or any other foot issues we highly recommend you to have a consultation to address your concern. Simply call the clinic on (08) 7226 9901 or click the link to book online.

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