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Running Assessment at Pod Fit Podiatry Adelaide

From elite athletes to recreational runners, we are passionate about helping runners perform better! Whether you are injured and wanting to get back to running or just wanting an assessment to see how you can improve your performance, we can help!

Our Podiatrists are trained to assess your lower limb biomechanics with running. We will take a thorough history of your injury and running including your training volume, frequency, intensity and duration as well as your running goals. Using video gait analysis, we are able to capture your running on a treadmill and use the footage to break down your biomechanics from head to toe. A running assessment provides a detailed and accurate evaluation of your running.

Our Podiatrists are trained to assess your lower limb biomechanics with running.

Conditions we commonly treat as Podiatrists at Pod Fit Podiatry:

We are runners ourselves and understand your need to keep running, which is why we try to keep you running as much as possible while we manage your injury. After looking at your video gait analysis, we will assess the strength and mobility through your legs and feet, your running shoes, and orthotics. Treatment for runners includes dry needling, shockwave therapy, deep tissue massage, custom orthotic therapy, and graded strength and running training too. You will be provided with a management plan that outlines your journey back to running pain free. We also have an Anti-Gravity Treadmill for those with more serious injuries, that can reduce your running weight by up to 80% so that you can still run without flaring up your pain.

We are actively involved in the Adelaide running community, working closely with running clubs including Tea Tree Gully Athletics Club and Adelaide Trail Runners.

Common conditions that we treat runners for include:

Plantar Fasciopathy
Achilles Tendinopathy
Shin splints
Tibialis posterior pain
Ankle pain
Stress fractures
Calf pain

We look forward to helping you achieve your running goals pain free!

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