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Shockwave Therapy at Pod Fit Adelaide

Shockwave involves treatment using a handpiece that is gently held onto the sore targeted area. Shockwaves of energy are transmitted through the handpiece into the deeper tissues to stimulate cell repair. The shockwaves stimulate the body to start fixing the sore area which begins the natural healing process.

Shockwave treatment promotes:

Speeding up the metabolic rate in the target area
Blood flow to pain areas for quicker healing
Collagen repair for not just fixing pain, but also strengthening tissues
Has a pain-killer effect. This allows you to be pain-free and gives the chance for effective rehab too

The shockwaves stimulate the body to start fixing the sore area which begins the natural healing process.

Conditions we commonly treat with Shockwave Therapy at Pod Fit Podiatry:

Shockwave is tolerated well as a treatment regime for all sorts of foot and leg pains. Everyone perceives the sensation differently and more often than not it can feel a little uncomfortable and isn’t painful as such. Your Podiatrist will work within your tolerance levels, and can alter the pressure and frequency of impulses. Most people walk out of their treatment with no pain!

Relief can be felt from your first session. Depending on the individual, 4-6 sessions may be required. Some also find benefit in ongoing treatment for maintenance too. For the following 2 days post treatment it is best to stay mobile but avoid more strenuous and high impact activity.

Shockwave therapy is included in your consultation so there’s no additional cost for you!

Shockwave Treatment helps with the following conditions:

Plantar Fasciosis (Heel Pain)
Achilles Tendon injuries
Shin Pain
Ankle injuries
Tibilais Anterior and Tibialis Posterior Pain/ Shin Pain
Calf Injuries and Tears
Tight muscles
Foot and Ankle Tendinopathies

Do you need your foot & ankle pain fixed fast?

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