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Children’s Podiatry at Pod Fit Adelaide

A Podiatrist plays an important role in helping parents navigate through any concerns that they have about their child’s foot, ankle and leg health. Children’s podiatry care ranges from nail and skin issues, to issues such as flat feet and foot pain. Children aged from infants through to teens and beyond are all welcome for treatment at the clinic. There is a lot that can be done to manage children’s concerns. With the right treatment, pain can quickly improve and kids can get back to being active and playing sports.

Early intervention with children’s podiatry results in best long term results for many different conditions. A children’s podiatry appointment involves a history being taken of your child’s concern, an assessment taken to explore what the problem/s are, and hands-on treatment provided from the start for pain relief and results. Through reducing pain and improving function, kids are able to move well and efficiently once again. The great news is that no referral is required from a Doctor to book your child in, and you are able to book their appointment right now!

Have peace of mind knowing that your children’s foot, ankle and leg issues are being properly cared for by the foot health experts.

Children’s conditions we commonly treat as Podiatrists at Pod Fit Podiatry:

Podiatrist Working On Feet of child

Sever’s heel pain (and all types of heel pain)
Flat feet
Plantar warts
Hard skin buildup
Ingrown toenails including procedures
Thick or discoloured toenails
Growing pains
Sporting injuries
Toe walking
Custom orthotic support for foot posture and pain issues
Shoe fit and recommendations

What’s next? Bookings are easy to make through our online booking portal. You’re also welcome to call the clinic, Modbury (08) 7226 9901 and Findon (08) 8340 4932.

Do you need your foot & ankle pain fixed fast?

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