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Custom Foot Orthotics at Pod Fit Podiatry Adelaide

Custom foot orthotics are medical grade devices which provide support and stability for many types of toe, foot, ankle and leg pains. By encouraging healthy movement and changing pressure from the ground up, orthotics help to relieve many types of foot and leg pains. They are made after your Podiatrist has performed a thorough assessment of gait and foot function. The orthotics then are made to your specific needs and problems.

Pod Fit Podiatry is known across Adelaide for our more comfortable, flexible feel and slim orthotics. Our custom inserts are made from PA11 Nylon, which is a premium natural organic resource. This enables us to be more environmentally sustainable, reducing our carbon footprint. It also allows our clients to have both comfortable and effective orthotic devices.

Your Podiatrist will discuss what shoes are most suitable for both your pains and concerns, as well as for your orthotics to fit into. Sneakers and boots can fit an orthotic easily. This includes soccer and football boots too.There are some shoes which may not be suitable for orthotic treatment, for example some ballet flats and open footwear. Your Podiatrist will guide you with footwear options best suited to your issues.

The orthotics are made to your specific needs and problems.

The Orthotics Process as Podiatrists at Pod Fit Podiatry:

The Custom Orthotic Process

Your Podiatrist will provide you with a full management plan specific to your goals and concerns
Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis are both performed
Digital scan of your feet occurs and is sent to our lab Footwork
Your Podiatrist determines a prescription for what they know will work best for your feet
Footwork use the 3D image of your feet and the orthotics are machined and finished off by hand​
Custom Foot Orthotics are produced and is returned within two weeks
Orthotic Fitting appointment occurs with your Podiatrist

What Conditions Can Inserts Help With?

Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain and spurs)
Flat feet (excessive foot pronation)
High arched feet (excessive foot supination)
Achilles tendinopathy
Shin splints
Ankle injuries and pains

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