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Nail and Skin Care at Pod Fit Adelaide

Podiatrists are experts when it comes to treating a wide variety of nail and skin problems. Many painful or uncomfortable nail and skin conditions can be treated with hands-on Podiatry treatment in the clinic. Usually from the first visit, treatment can be done to improve comfort. It’s important to have the right assessment and diagnosis to ensure the correct treatment for long term results.

For some individuals, it may get to the point where they cannot self manage their own feet. This can occur for many reasons, for example, the nails are too thick, they are prone to ingrown nails, or they are unable to see or reach their feet. If this is the case, gentle ongoing routine nail therapy is provided on a regular basis.

Other skin or nail issues can seem to arise out of nowhere without a clear reason, or can annoyingly be present for quite some time without clearing up. Conditions which may flare up seemingly out of nowhere can include ingrown or painful toenails, thickened skin, warts and corns, and blisters. A lot can be done immediately to alleviate these issues in the clinic. Other persisting issues which benefit from treatment can include long standing warts, hard skin and fungal toenails.

A lot can be done immediately to alleviate toenail and skin issues in the clinic.

Conditions we commonly treat as Podiatrists at Pod Fit Podiatry:

Hard skin on the feet (rough, cracked and thickened areas)
Ingrown toenails
Fungal nails
Children’s nail and skin issues
Skin and toenail infections – fungal, bacterial and viral

If you’re noticing any toenail, callus or corn concerns with your feet, a Podiatrist is the health professional that will be able to fix your concerns. They are the experts when it comes to nail and skincare solutions for the feet. No Doctors or GP referral is required to see a Podiatrist, so bookings can be made immediately.

Do you need your foot & ankle pain fixed fast?

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