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Fees & FAQ

Pod Fit Adelaide FAQ’s, Fee’s & Item Codes

You can find our most frequently asked questions about what to expect, what to bring and how much an appointment will cost below. If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us via the form on this page or Contact Us. We are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your first appointment will involve your Podiatrist taking a history of your concern, performing a detailed assessment, and providing hands on treatment to get you feeling better as soon as possible. You’ll also receive a management plan of what to do to help your condition. Our team can provide referrals for x-rays, ultrasounds and further scans within your consultation.

Please allow up to 60 minutes for your initial appointment and up to 30 minutes for review appointments unless specified otherwise.

Your appointment will involve your Podiatrist having a discussion on your progress, further necessary assessments and hands on treatments. We will work with you to achieve your goals as quickly and realistically as possible.

Please bring any previous x-ray, ultrasound, CT or MRI scans and reports to your appointment.

Wear loose fitting clothing that will easily allow access to the area you are concerned about to allow best assessment and treatment to occur.

Bring along the shoes you most often wear – including work shoes, shoes that you exercise in, and shoes that you wear casually. This will help guide our best advice on management of your concerns. If you have custom orthotics please take these along to your appointment for assessment also.

We offer after hours appointments with evening appointments available on week days, and Saturday morning appointments available on weekends. Check out our availability through our online bookings, or by calling the clinic and we can help you find a suitable time.

Yes we do – we accept rebates for all private health funds with valid Podiatry extras cover. Simply bring your private health card along to your Podiatry appointment for an immediate rebate on our HICAPS terminal. 

Please check with your health fund if you are wanting further information on specific rebates as fund cover will vary for both Podiatry treatment and orthotic therapy coverage.

Yes we do. Medicare rebates require a valid Doctors referral addressed to Pod Fit Podiatry. Payment is required upfront in full for all Podiatry appointments, and clients are able to self claim the medicare rebate after the appointment by visiting Medicare.

No Doctors or General Practitioners (GP’s) referral is required for Podiatry care in Australia. Bookings can be made without hesitation through our online booking system, or by calling the clinic and speaking to our friendly admin assistants.

We accept all gold card holders, and specific white card holders with a lower limb condition that is treatable by Podiatrists.

A valid Doctors referral must be received by the clinic at the time of the appointment to cover Podiatry visits. We recommend you speak with DVA prior to your Podiatry consult to identify your entitlements and cover.

We accept Work Cover Referrals where the claim has been approved and is being managed directly by a case manager. A valid referral is required to have Podiatry care covered under Work Cover claims. Without a valid referral at the initial consultation, private payment will be required until a referral is sighted.

Our Podiatrist team are genuine, caring professionals who will always ensure comfort throughout treatment. If you have any concerns around pain or discomfort please let us know before your appointment so we can work closely with you to feel as comfortable as possible!

Payment, Referral and Funding FAQ’s

Payment is required in full at the time of your Podiatry appointment by EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard. Please refer to the fees outlined on this page for further information. A Doctors referral is not required for Podiatry treatment – you are welcome to book straight in!

Private health rebates are available for all health funds at the time of your appointment, simply bring along your private health card to claim your rebate on the spot using our HICAPS terminal.

Medicare referrals are accepted at the clinic with a valid referral from a General Practitioner/ Doctor addressed to either Pod Fit Podiatry – 31 Smart Road Modbury SA 5092 – (08) 7226 9901, or 166 Grange Road Findon SA 5023 – (08) 8340 4931.

These GP referrals are called either Enhanced Primary Care Plans (EPC’s), Team Care Arrangements (TCA’s), or Medicare Referrals. An ordinary referral from a GP does not attract a Medicare rebate. The fax number for both clinics is 8125 3876.

Please note that Medicare referrals are not bulk billed and that the full fee is required at the time of the appointment. Clients are able to self redeem their Medicare rebate after their appointment.

Department of Veteran Affairs clients are accepted at the clinic with a valid referral (D904 referral) from a GP needing to be provided from the first appointment. This referral allows for 12 Podiatry visits, and must be renewed once the cycle is completed. Without a referral on the day of the first appointment the full fee is required to be paid on the day.

Workcover (Return To Work SA) clients are accepted at the clinic with a valid referral in place. For individuals attending their first appointment we would strongly advise that you are aware of what cover is in place (for example interim workcover or full workcover) as this will dictate what Podiatry treatment can be provided for you. We will require a Doctor’s referral, your claim number, case managers details, invoicing email details and the company managing your claim.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are accepted for plan or self managed clients. We do not accept agency managed NDIS clients at this stage. A Doctors referral is required for NDIS clients presenting to the clinic. We will require a Doctor’s referral, if you have a support coordinator – their name and contact details, invoicing email details – if plan managed and the company name managing your accounts.

Clients who do not attend their appointment or late notice cancel (with less than 12 hours provided) will be charged a $25 non-attendance fee. Please aim to provide us as much notice as possible if you are not able to attend your appointment.

Compulsory Third Party Claims (CTP) are accepted with valid Doctors referral, claim number, case manager with contact details too at the initial appointment.

Aged Care Funding Packages are accepted. Clients must be at a level 3 or 4 funding with both a referral from the company managing the client as well as a Doctors referral provided at the initial appointment. Email invoicing details as well as a case manager overseeing the care from the aged care company must be provided at the first visit also.

Podiatry Fees & Item Codes

  • Podiatry Initial Consult $130 – Item Code 004
  • Podiatry Standard Consult $105 – Item Code 012
  • Shockwave Therapy, Dry Needling and PACT Appointment Types $130 Initial Consult/ $105 Standard Consult – – Item Code 012
  • Moon Boot Fittings $245 ($130 appointment and $115 for the Moon Boot) – Item Code 004 and Item Code 311
  • Podiatry Initial Consult $140 – Item Code 004
  • Podiatry Standard Consult $115 – Item Code 012
  • Shockwave Therapy, Dry Needling and PACT Appointment Types $140 Initial Consult/ $115 Standard Consult – – Item Code 012
  • Moon Boot Fittings $255 ($140 appointment and $115 for the Moon Boot) – Item Code 004 and Item Code 311
  • Podiatry Initial Consult $193
  • Podiatry Standard Consult $96.50
  • Podiatry Initial Consult $193
  • Podiatry Standard Consult $96.50
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