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Diabetes Assessments at Pod Fit Podiatry Adelaide

Having diabetes increases the risk of developing foot problems so a Podiatrist should always be involved with overall care for those with Diabetes. This applies for those with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Mellitus. People with diabetes need to be careful as they require ongoing assessments and monitoring. As blood glucose (sugar) levels can increase quickly, it is easier for foot infections to occur and cause further complications.

Factors such as less blood flow and loss of feeling in the feet can also occur and can lead to injuries without a person noticing them. Our Podiatrist’s will thoroughly investigate a clients risk assessment status with a classification of either low, moderate or high risk, and will provide full education on how to care for any foot problems in order to prevent injury. At Pod Fit Podiatry all clients with Diabetes are provided with a management plan and a letter sent to their treating doctor, filled with information about their assessment and treatment.

A Podiatrist is an important health professional who should always be involved in the care of those with Diabetes.

Foot Examinations at Pod Fit Podiatry Adelaide Include:

Nerve sensation checks (ability to feel pressure, touch, temperature)
Vascular circulation testing (assessing blood flow to the feet and toes through either hands-on palpation or use of a doppler ultrasound in the clinic)
Assessing areas of high loading, and areas at increased risk of ulceration (3D foot pressure assessments)
Identifying areas of skin or toenail concerns
Footwear issues and recommendations
How you walk (your biomechanics)
Muscle strength and control
Assessing and treating foot ulcers if they are present
Hands on treatment for any toenail, skin or musculoskeletal problems

Treatment for those with Diabetes occurs either on a regular basis if ongoing care is needed, or a six monthly or annual basis for low risk ongoing assessments. A Doctors or GP’s referral is not required and you are welcome to book straight in for your Diabetes foot care.

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