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Ingrown Nail Procedures at Pod Fit Adelaide

By definition an ingrown toenail is a nail that has pierced through the skin. It is often highly painful due to the sharp edge of the toenail pushing through the soft skin on the sides of the nail. Infection is often present and you may notice redness, pus, swelling and bulging tissue on the side of the nail.

Your Podiatrist should be the first point of contact when it comes to a painful ingrown toenail. On a daily basis, Podiatrists manage many ingrown toenails. It is unfortunate that some painful ingrown nails that present to the clinic have been through a variety of different treatments and multiple antibiotic courses with hardly any relief. If the nail continues to pierce through the skin, antibiotics will be ineffective.

Your Podiatrist will assess the toe and let you know what is the best method of treatment. Treatment can involve immediate management via a gentle clearing and trimming of the nail edge, or other options including surgery performed under local anaesthetic. This is all performed in the clinic at both our Findon and Modbury locations, with private health rebates available. All of our podiatrists are trained on ingrown toenail treatment.

Ingrown toenails can often be quickly managed and treated. They are not a condition that one should need to live with!

Conditions we treat as Podiatrists at Pod Fit Podiatry:

What are some causes of ingrown nails?

Poor nail trimming techniques
History of ingrown toenails
Curled or pincer nails
Thick toenails
Genetics (curved nails, fan shaped nails)
Tight fitting footwear
Pointed toed shoes
Trauma to the nail plate or nail fold

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