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The minimalist guide to fixing that bunion

Usually at this time of year as we start to think about moving our feet into more open shoes- we pay a little bit more attention to our feet. We start to notice little lumps and bumps and get curious. What is a bunion bump you may ask? A bunion is a deformity at the base of the big toe joint. Often in the early stages is you may notice a slight bump on the side of the foot. As things progress, you may see the toe begin to move across to the other toes and the bump become more prominent.

How did I end up with a bunion in the first place?

While the common thought can be to blame genetics, there are also a number of other causes which can contribute.

  • Shoes- high heels, pointy/narrow toe box (read more on footwear advice)
  • Foot biomechanics- excessive pronation/rolling in
  • Inflammatory Disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • Trauma

My bunion is get bigger over time- is this normal?

Absolutely, bunions are progressive deformities which means they have the potential to change over time. Can you think of a time where your bunion bump was less noticeable? Perhaps, a few years ago you may have noticed a much less smaller bump? Bunions generally get larger over a period of time. As bunions are a structural joint change- they also have the ability to affect the other toes causing them to become clawed or hammered, become squished or overlapped.

HELP! I just want my bunions gone

We hear this A LOT. Generally speaking the management options will depend on the stage of your bunion, pain levels and degree of deformity.
Your podiatrist will be able to assess your bunion and discuss conservative and surgical treatment options with you.
The earlier you get an opinion the better!

Quick tips for bunion management

  • Appropriate fitting footwear- width and depth WILL dictate bone joint shape
  • Orthotics- improvement of foot function by more efficient distribution of load, reducing stress and load on the big toe joint
  • Strengthening of intrinsic muscles – get those toe and core foot muscles working!
  • Surgical referral if conservative management has been exhausted or is deemed ineffective for severity of the joint

Read more information on bunions here! Get a professional opinion on your bunions now!


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