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5 REASONS why Podiatrists are Foot Pain experts

“I’ve had pain in my feet for at least 6 months”.
“This heel pain has been going on for YEARS”.
“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have pain… ”

Does this sound like YOU?

Foot pain persists when the ROOT CAUSE of pain is not addressed. Simple right?
What is the root cause?

As Podiatrists we will nut out the ROOT CAUSE of your pain. We are experts when it comes to foot pain. We spend 4 years PLUS studying the feet. At Pod Fit we get down to the nitty gritty details to find the WHY. How do we get to the why… let me explain!

What is your story? We will note your full pain history

We will spend a whole hour with you and ask a lot of relevant questions. Often the question asking part of our first appointment can be 15-20 minutes. Why? So that we get a clear picture of YOU! So many factors can impact pain – medical conditions, family genetics, workplace demands. Our list goes on. What’s important is that we LISTEN. Through listening to you, we can understand!

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We start by looking at the 3D image of your feet

Technology is amazing. Did you know that we have a force plate which shows us exactly where pressure passes through in your feet? We can look at walking and running. This information cannot be seen with the naked eye but is ABSOLUTELY necessary when it comes to an accurate diagnosis.

Kelsey Podiatrist Findon

We use slow motion analysis of your activity

Again, technology! We need to see how you move, to know why pain is occurring. Otherwise it’s all guess work. If you have pain on a box jump – lets look at that. Pain while running? Let have a look!If you’re not performing a pain – inducing activity in a controlled environment with us, then how do we know what is actually going on?! We will pick up movements and postures that contribute to pain.

Podiatrist Measuring Walking Gait

We will assess your Foot Joints and Muscles

There are many signs that we assess that point toward our WHY in our assessments. Has your joint range been checked? What about muscle strength? And re-assessed. The only way to track progress is through improving and re-testing. Fantastic therapists will take initial measures, and watch your improvements, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Assessing Foot Joints And Muscles

We get to the ROOT cause of your pain

Using thorough and evidence based assessments we will get to the bottom of your pain! Pain relief come from your Podiatrist understanding the root cause of pain, and mapping out a custom management plan for you. You’ll walk out of that first appointment with a printed plan, full understanding, and a clear progression ahead! Ahhh much better.

Foot pain that isn’t getting better? Get in touch! Life doesn’t have to continue this way.
We would love to work with you toward being pain-free and active once again!

Do you need your foot & ankle pain fixed fast?

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