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The 3 Biggest Mistakes People With Ingrown Toenails Make

Ingrown Toenail Problems

Have you noticed that the pressure of your bed sheets is causing pain in your big toes?
​Is wearing shoes suddenly becoming unbearable?

It’s important to recognise the symptoms of ingrown nails early and get them fixed!

3 common mistakes people make

  1. Poor nail cutting technique
    Curving the edge of the nail too much can encourage the nail to curve down the skin. Not cutting the very edge of the nail and pulling the nail off can also leave a nail spicule at the edge which can grow into the skin and become sore. Picking your nails is also a no-no!
  2. Wearing tight shoes
    Tight footwear can also cause ingrown toenails because of the pressure it creates on the toes and surrounding skin that pushes into the nail. Anything with a narrow toe box or steel cap can be problematic.
  3. Thinking it will “go away by itself”
    ​A lot of people go straight to antibiotics without having the nail spike removed. This doesn’t fix the ingrown nail, only temporarily resolves the infection. People will often go back to the doctor for a repeat script which again has little effect.

What you can do to help Ingrown Toenails

  • Ensure adequate width in shoes
  • Do not cut nails too short, and do not leave any spikes un-cut
  • Avoid fungal nail infections
  • Address any previous nail traumas
  • See a Podiatrist to clear the nail side out regularly

If this sounds like your toe it’s important to attend regular Podiatry appointments to have the nails cleared and prevent them from becoming painful and infected.

Podiatrists are specifically trained to help you with ingrown toenails and treat them successfully daily!

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