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Calling on parents – tips for childrens shoe shopping!

As an adult you might not think much of about shoe fittings. If shoes are not comfortable, easy, you just stop wearing them!

But what about kids?

Did you know that children’s feet have softer bones than adults?

With the bones being soft, kids can put up with poorly fitting shoes more easily as their bones will accommodate, and simply change shape to fit in the shoe. But is this really ideal?

Kids bones are like this for a reason, this being for growth. Kids can have growth spurts and go up one to two sizes in as many months! A tight or poorly fitting shoe can actutally stunt growth or deform toes.

It is so very important then, that shoes be well fitted to ensure that the feet grow freely as intended and that generally speaking, we don’t stuff up our kids feet!

Here are our tips at Pod Fit to help parents so they can best care for their kids feet:

  1. Shoe shop at the end of the day feet can swell, so at the end of the day is the best time!
  2. Fit shoes for the LONGEST toe half the population have a longer second toe, so fit for it! Conversely if your big toe is the longest then that’s your marker.
  3. Fit shoes for the LONGER foot most of us have a 1/2 size difference or larger. Always opt for the larger size.
  4. Review your kids shoe size every 3 months. Kids have growth spurts, so it is super important that their shoe sizes are checked on a regular basis. I have seen on occasion the effect of shoes being too small for kids, and the result of a hammered toe or a toe that is crooked on an angle! It does happen. Check there’s a thumbs width of space at the at the end of the shoe to allow enough room to move and grow.
  5. Get fitted by someone who is trained in fitting shoes. Invest the time and finances into getting shoes fitted. It is the best investment to get your kids in good shoes now, rather than paying for it down the track with sore feet.

For more tailored footwear advice or Podiatry care for your children’s feet we recommend you to come on in!

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