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Can your feet & ankles survive F45?

F45 Training 1
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F45 makes your feet and legs work HARD!

Being a Podiatrist and dedicated member of this new aged so called ‘cult’ group, I always view the exercise program from a somewhat nerdy Podiatrist perspective.
I think, woah that’s a lot of exercises for our feet and legs today!
I also can’t help but have a suss of other members form as they go about jumping and hopping!You’d be surprised at just how much control and strength is required to be able to perform these exercises. When I say perform, what I really mean is to perform it WELL. To perform it slap-dash with sloppy form, wobbly ankles and poor range is another story.

With my Podiatrist hat on, and the observations that I make from being in class and seeing F45 members presenting to me as a Podiatrist, I have formulated tips for you! I have put together 5 ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY tips for you if you’re wanting your feet to last for many, many more F45 classes!


Bend knees when landing from a jump

Box Jump F45 Orig

Land “softly”

Cushion the landing! Too often do I see extended knees on a landing which makes the shock of landing absolutely pound through the feet/knees and hips. Ouch! Simply land in a squat position with hips/knees and ankles flexed and voila! We have good shock absorbing on our landing. Ahh.. much better!

Land Softly F45


Heavy landings mean heavy force on joints. Much like with a bad landing and extended knees. Ideally, when we walk, run and jump it should ALWAYS be with a SOFT landing. If you’re not sure about landing softly, ask your neighbour if they can hear you! Or practice in a quiet area and you’ll be able to hear the difference of a loud/harsh vs quiet/soft landing!

If your form is bad, then strip it back and work back up!


Remember that each station and movement can be scaled back accordingly. For example, if you’re struggle-town on a jumping lunge, then scale it back to a static lunge. If a jumping squat is sore, scale it back to a static squat. Improve form and strength, and work your way back up! Better to do it right, then continue the wrong movement pattern and be injured!

If you’re fatigued…then also strip it back!

Bad Form 1

F45 will push you hard. You’ll be sweating beads! Otherwise, you’re not doing it right yeah? With this in mind, fatigue can set in. What do you think happens to our form when we’re tired? We get sloppy, off-balance and THIS is when injuries can occur. We see a few ankle sprains from this! Read your body, know when to push it & know when to scale back!

Sore Foot Orig

Don’t forget to look after yourself. How easy is it to come in, 5 minute warm up, 45 minute class, done, and off you go. No cool down, no stretching, zip! Just remember that recovery is key to progression. If your feet or legs are sore and tight, then work on it. Stretches, foam rolling, getting a ball into tight spots. Recovery is essential to your performance and longevity in F45!

F45 is so much fun and has been a huge game changer for me!
I know what it’s like to have to stop doing what you love and it really sucks.
If you’re experiencing any foot or leg pain, please get in touch because our Podiatrists know what it’s about, and would love to help you continue being awesome every week with your training.

Common issues we manage with F45ers:

  • Ankle Pain
  • Ankle weakness
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Pain
  • Arch Pain
  • Technique Advice – Gait Analysis, Jumping, Video Movement Analysis
  • Shin Splints
  • Flexible Sports Orthotics
  • Shoe Advice

We work closely with F45 gyms near to Modbury and are here to help you out!

Do you need your foot & ankle pain fixed fast?

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