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Preparing For City To Bay – Train For The South Australia Fun Run

The City to Bay race is approaching fast!
Maybe you’re like me and tossing up the idea of giving it a crack?

Maybe you’ve already registered and have been training but not quite sure what you should be doing …

This blog will provide you with 3 helpful tips to prepare for your run!

Learn how to prepare for the Westpac City to Bay fun run race – part of the Athletics Australia Australian Road Running Championships.

1. Be wary of doing “too much, too soon”

This is VERY important. Often in the clinic we see people who have just started training for an event or trying to get fitter with pain in their shins, feet, calves and Achilles because they’re doing more than their body can handle. I get it though, when the motivation hits you just have to run with it (literally), however this can often lead to injury which actually derails training.

A good rule to follow is the 10% rule – what that means is that each week you increase your mileage by 10%. For example if you ran 1km last week, try for 1.1km this week. Personally I like to increase my increments by 20% as this feels more challenging, so your next week would involve running 1.2km. I suggest starting with the 10% rule and increasing once you feel comfortable.

Another gem is that you don’t have to run every day – this might be too much for you if you’re just starting out! Try and have a days break in between each of your runs to let your body recover.

2. Do a warm-up

Warming up decreases the chance of injury!

Your warm up should go for at least a few minutes and include movements like – calf raises, squats, lunges and dynamic stretching.

Cool downs are also important but can be more chilled – some light stretching or a walk will do just fine.

3. Wearing the right running shoe

A good running shoe is one that feels comfortable as soon as you put it on, but keep in mind – it’s important to wear the right type of shoe for your activity. For example, your Converse probably aren’t the best shoes to wear for a running event even though they feel comfortable on the weekends. Shoes like this don’t have the same amount of cushion, support or durability that a good pair of runners will!Your brand of running shoe will come down to personal preference, with good pairs being found across all brands including Asic, Mizuno, Brooks, New Balance, Nike and many more. A few features to keep in mind are – the shoe bends at the toes (much like your foot does), enough room at the end of the toes and across the width of your foot.

If you go to a place that fits your foot (The Athletes Foot, Joggers World etc) you’ll have your feet measured and get expert advice on finding the right shoes for your feet!

Try these 3 hacks in your training to better prepare for your run. As always, if you have any further questions please contact us in the clinic!

City To Bay Hacks Adelaide Foot Pain Podiatry

The thing is EVERYONE WILL FINISH the run. Whatever distance.
Just for some it may involve a higher walking/running ratio than others.
So, in short it’s not too late but can you feel more at ease?…
Yes – definitely!

Let me explain…

What To do On the Days leading up to the event

  • Having the right lead up to race day is what will make or break your race!
  • Have a balanced diet and keep well hydrated
  • Increase mileage sensibly – rule of thumb 10% increase each week
  • Recovery is KEY: to stay pain-free regularly foam roll or use a lacrosse ball to get stuck into those feet, calves, quads and hammies

Our two favourite release exercises for runners below

Plantar Fascia Running

Releasing under the sole of the foot


  • More mobility through foot & ankle
  • Less risk of Plantar Fascia injury
  • Settles foot pain
  • Helps foot cramps
Calf Pain Running Rolling Ball

Releasing through calf muscles


  • Greater flexibility in legs
  • Helpful for Achilles Tendons
  • Eases Shin Splints
  • Helps calf cramps

On the day

  • Warm up dynamically – say cya later to static stretches!
  • It’s easy to get caught up and run faster but it’s best to try to slow down and keep pace
  • Cool down after the run
  • Eat some well-deserved food post run! (eg chicken parmi, pizza… you’ve earnt it!)
  • After the race, treat yourself to a recovery massage (we have amazing massage therapists)

Is it too late for new shoes?

  • If you’re buying new shoes, do it ASAP!
  • Put new shoes to the test in store – walk and run in them
  • If they’re uncomfortable in store, they’re unlikely to be comfortable always!

What about blisters?

Fear not, you can definitely stop a blister in its tracks from here on!

Blister 101:

  • Ensure shoes fit well
  • Try lock lacing to hold heel secure in shoes to prevent heel blisters
  • Check out our Steigen Anti-blister socks – they boast an anti-blister guarantee! See picture here <<
  • Engo Blister Patches are another awesome way to prevent nasty blisters forming! They’re fantastic as they are thin pieces that stick into your shoe and last up to 500km!
  • Read more on blisters here

In summary, if you have any niggling injuries that you think may hold you back or even are wanting some tips on shoes or blisters…make an appointment and we’ll make you race day ready!

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