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Footy boots 2021 review – are your boots giving you the right support?

Selecting the right boots can improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury. They also impact how you play and feel.  To perform at your best you need to wear the right boots for your feet.

The answer is that it all comes down to the individual. Although there are some boots that have better features and materials, when deciding what boot to wear there are a lot of factors that come into play. Firstly, everyone’s feet are different which includes differences in shape, loading patterns, mechanics and injury concerns. If you throw in the amount, type of training and the ground surface, it can all become a little confusing so I’ve put together a review of some of the more common boots to make your next decision easier.

So how do you know which boot is most suitable for you?

There are several factors you need to consider, including the type of field you play on and the position you play. You also need to consider the support and material, grip, weight and fit of the boots.

Surface & Grip

Balance, speed and even your risk of injury all rely on wearing the right football boots on the correct surface.


Firm, natural grass ground.

  • Made for  natural dry grass, but  can handle wet pitches 
  • They  have moulded studs or blades in various shapes and sizes across the sole
  • These boots eel light and give great balance
  • Generally, they have non-removable rubber studs that are either bladed or conical in shape 
  • Firm ground boots are designed to provide traction and stability on most natural grass fields.

Although not ideal for wet or muddy conditions, this type of stud pattern is your general all-rounder and will hold up in these conditions.  This stud pattern is ideal for Australian weather conditions and is what most players wear.


Soft, muddy grass

  • Used on muddy grounds for better traction
  • Soft ground boots have the iconic six conical stud formation on the outsole
  • These studs are longer than standard to help them penetrate soft or muddy ground for maximum stability
  • There is the risk that you may  lose grip or balance  and can injure your feet and legs if worn on hard surfaces

The soft ground stud patterns are best used in wet and muddy conditions.  The studs are typically longer than other stud patterns and are screw-in. , tThis stud  pattern is rarely used in Australia at amateur football levels, due to the heavier weight of the metallic studs. 


Lush Artificial Grass Turf

  • Used on fake grass 
  • The outsoles of these boots have short, hollow studs for an even grip and lightweight feel
  • Artificial grass boots are excellent at taking shock impact on this type of ground, which reduces your chances of injury.

In general, the boots have far more studs than the standard Firm Ground sole which are more densely populated on the sole. The sole is usually a lot stiffer due to the higher number of studs, so comfort can sometimes be an issue.

Support & Material

Football boot material  affects your comfort, stability and performance. The upper of the boot needs to be strong enough to support your foot during rapid changes in direction and when kicking.

Combination leather and synthetic uppers are the strongest, particularly when reinforced with enough stitching. Kangaroo leather is becoming increasingly popular as the boots are firm, yet flexible, and provide a smooth, strong surface for consistent striking of the ball with the foot.

If choosing a synthetic boot, you want to watch out for heavy material and , make sure the synthetic is breathable. They might also need a slightly longer break-in time


Asics boots are mainly used in AFL as they are based on running shoes, which means they have an elevated heel and midsole, designed to minimise the risk of injury and provide greater cushioning and support. However, with these added benefits comes added weight. Asics dominates the sports market and they have an extensive range of boots for men, women and children. 

which pair should you buy?

Choosing the wrong pair of football boots can result in discomfort as well as an increasing injury risk 

Common injuries we see from poor football boot selection are:

  • Mortons Neuroma
  • Plantar Fasciitis 
  • Achilles Tendinosis 
  • Blisters 
  • Pressure spots
  • Sesamoiditis 

Our #1 pick: Asics Lethal Testimonial 4 IT

asic lethal testimonials it 4

The Lethal Testimonial 4 IT is a high performance boot that has been developed through many years of biomechanical research and an array of technological advances in boot construction. It has a Solyte Midsole to enhance cushioning and the Kangaroo Leather upper provides better foot feedback to the athlete. It also contains HG10mm technology, elevating the heel by 10mm, designed to shift the body forward, reducing strain on the lower limb and minimising risk of injury.


  • HG10mm Technology
  • Injection Nylon Outsole
  • Full Kangaroo Leather boot
  • Multi Stud Configuration
  • Removable Sockliner
  • Solyte Midsole

Overall, a reliable comfortable boot all year round. 

RRP: $270

Our #2 pick: Asics Lethal Ultimate FF

asics lethal ultimate ff

The Lethal Ultimate FF offers unsurpassed levels of protection and support. Ideal for game day or training, this model utilises the super light and comfortable midsole material FlyteFoam. Utilising a new last, this boot has a higher toe spring than traditional football boots and the fit is generally roomier to cater for the wider foot.


  • Dual density outsole
  • Flytefoam Midsole
  • Gel-Rearfoot
  • HG10mm
  • Kangaroo Leather Toe Box
  • Multi Stud Configuration
  • Removable Sockliner
  • Solyte Polymer Outsole
  • Trusstic

Overall, a very comfortable boot for a larger foot. Suitable for those with foot pain or used as a recovery boot. 

RR: $220

Our #3 pick: Asics Menace 4 – for speed

asics menace 4

Featuring an extremely lightweight, microfibre upper construction to deliver a weightless, yet supportive fit. The structure of the boot consists of HG10mm heel raise technology to help players have a forward-leaning posture, which helps with a  powerful strike.


  • Vibrant New Upper Detailing
  • HG10mm Technology
  • Injected Nylon Outsole
  • Multi Stud Configuration
  • Removable Sockliner
  • Solyte Midsole
  • Teijin Japanese Synthetic Upper

Overall, a very lightweight boot for players wanting speed

RRP: $240

Our pick for best Adidas Boot – Adidas Predator 20.2 FG

adidas predator

Take control of your touch and the game with the adidas Predator 20.2 firm ground football boots. Hundreds of rubber elements grip the ball for extra swerve and the seamless tongue locks you


  • Firm ground football boots
  • Textile upper
  • Lightweight TPU outsole
  • Lace closure

Overall, a solid boot that has been around for many years. 

RRP: $180 

Our pick for best Nike boot – Nike Tiempo Legend 8

nike tiempo legend 8

More comfortable than ever before, Quad-Fit mesh lining hugs your foot and the flexible Flyknit tongue wraps around the arch for support. 

The kangaroo leather is left unstitched for better  touch, with All Conditions Control integrated for control in wet and dry conditions. Stable traction comes from the hyperstability plate to deliver reliable multidirectional traction. NikeGrip technology on the foam sockliner stabilises your foot within the boot.


  • Unstitched premium kangaroo leather delivers pristine touch
  • All Conditions Control integrated into the upper for control in wet and dry conditions
  • Flyknit tongue wraps under the arch for a supportive fit
  • Quad-Fit mesh lining hugs the foot for comfort from the first touch
  • NikeGrip on the foam sockliner locks your foot in place
  • Hyperstability plate give you stable multidirectional traction

Overall, this boot is soft, comfortable and an all round winner. 

RRP: $279

For narrow feet – Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 

nike mercurial vapor 14

Pure speed is the mantra of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite. Minimal materials make the football boots lighter and faster feeling.

The Flyknit upper is pared down to the essentials while underfoot the split outsoles Aerotrack zones helps maximise acceleration. NikeGrip technology on the soft insole keeps feet secure and comfortable for an almost not there feeling. The narrow soleplate in combination with the Flyknit and synthetic upper holds firm around the foot. 


  • Flyknit upper is stripped down to the minimum for the lightest, fastest feeling
  • NikeGrip technology on the insole prevents feet from slipping for a fast, secure feeling
  • Cushioned insole deliver non-stop comfort
  • Aerotrack zone with grooves in the forefoot plate for explosive acceleration
  • Chevron studs maximise agility, delivering multidirectional traction

RRP: $299

For wide feet – New Balance Tekela V2 Magia FG

new balande tekela v2 magia fg

The New Balance Tekela V2 has untouchable brilliance with its unique Kinetic Stitch bands that provides 360 degree mechanical lockdown in high stress areas. It comes in a wider 2E width compared to other boots on the market which also hold an orthotic well. 


  • Firm ground boot
  • Synthetic PU upper
  • Lightweight mesh lining
  • Zonal Kinetic Stitch v2 engineered bands
  • Moulded and removable insert
  • Lightweight TPU chassis with semi conical studs
  • Come in Wide 2E width

RRP: $160

At Pod Fit Podiatry we can help you decide which boot is best for you

At Pod Fit Podiatry we’re serious about reducing your risk for injury and increasing your comfort this football season.

Our qualified Podiatrists will look at:

  • Injury concerns and history
  • Playing level, position and training loads
  • Current footwear includingboots, runners and work shoes 
  • Lower limb flexibility and strength testing
  • Running and dynamic assessment using our gait analysis technology

Following the assessment your Podiatrist can:

  • Provide recommendations on appropriate football boots
  • Formulate program aimed at reducing your risk of foot and lower leg injury
  • Customise your current or recommended football boots

A number of adjustments can be made to your football boots to increase their comfort and reduce your risk for injury including:

  • Heel lifts and wedging
  • Forefoot padding and metatarsal domes
  • Lacing alterations and techniques
  • Prefabricated orthotics
  • Customised Orthotics
Do you need your foot & ankle pain fixed fast?

Pod Fit Podiatry Adelaide are here to help! Booking online is the most convenient way to lock in the location, practitioner & time you want. We look forward to seeing you in the clinic.