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Helping Little Athletes Soar: The Role of Podiatrists in Performance

Why do we love working with Little Athletics clubs?

Podiatrists love nothing more than keeping active people, active! This principle applies regardless of age. For children particularly, it is so important for pain to be addressed and treated fast, to keep kids moving well. We completely share the vision of Little Athletics South Australia, of family, fun, and fitness. What a combination. We love nothing more than seeing kids bounce back even better than before!

For over five years, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with the Tea Tree Gully Little Athletics Club as club sponsors. Along with Physio Fit, we have seen firsthand the determination and enthusiasm of these young athletes. Helping children to overcome foot and ankle pains to improve in their athletics is why we do what we do.

Common injuries we see in little athletics

While the enthusiasm of little athletes is clear to see, their growing bodies are susceptible to various foot and ankle injuries. These particular injuries differ from typical adult type injuries, due to the growth of children’s bones and muscles. Ignoring these issues can lead to hindering their performance on the track or field.

Severs Foot Pain
Severs pain is common in children, particularly the ages of 8-13 for girls, and 10-15 for boys. The common clinical pattern that we see is that of flare ups during growth spurts, coupled with periods of high exercise demand. The bone growth plate in the heel gets irritated and aggravated, and can require treatment to settle down and to continue with exercise.

Ankle Sprains
Ankle sprains can be highly detrimental when not managed properly, resulting in stiffness and weakness ongoing. It is important to have a proper assessment and treatment plan, for any level of ankle sprain to ensure the best long term outcomes for active kids.

Shin Splints
Shin splints typically can come on when exercise levels are increased, such as at the start of the sporting season. Shin splints require appropriate treatment to address the muscle and bone irritation, as well as graded exercise to return to full activity levels too.
What can kids and parents do to help foot and ankle niggles?

Prevention is always the best method when it comes to the foot and ankle. Encouraging little athletes to have regular warm ups, stretching, and wearing appropriate footwear, all help to reduce the risk of foot and ankle injuries.

We tend to find the parents who listen and act early with their children are the ones who are more quickly assessed and treated. Through having a proper plan in place with early intervention, children will be able to return to their chosen sport more quickly. Early intervention can stop minor issues from turning into major setbacks.

How do Podiatrists help little athletes with foot and ankle pain?

Podiatrists play a key role in the best care and outcomes of little athletes. With thorough assessments, our team of Podiatrists can identify the cause of foot and ankle pain. Commonly, these types of pains can be heightened by training error, overuse, biomechanical or structural issues. From here, we develop custom management plans that may include:

  • Orthotic therapy: Custom foot orthotics to provide support, promote more efficiency within the foot and ankle, and better align the feet
    Strengthening and stretching exercises: We prescribe custom exercises to strengthen weak muscles and improve flexibility
  • Footwear recommendations: Proper footwear is necessary for little athletes to support their growing feet. We offer advice on footwear choices for support and performance
  • Injury management: In the unfortunate event of an injury, we provide comprehensive care. Our Podiatry treatment approach can include hands on treatment, taping, shockwave therapy and massage therapy.

Our treatment goal as a Podiatrist is not only to relieve pain for our clients, but to make sure that they are even stronger and more stable than they were before their pain or injury.

The partnership between podiatrists and little athletes in Australia is a testament to the power of teamwork in achieving success. As podiatrists, we are proud to support these young champions every step of the way!

Do you need your foot & ankle pain fixed fast?

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