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Department of veteran affairs (DVA) and podiatry care

Do Podiatrists treat Department Of Veteran Affairs (DVA) clients?

Podiatrists commonly treat Department Of Veteran Affairs (DVA) clients for all foot and leg concerns.

Our Podiatrists at Pod Fit Podiatry treat DVA clients whether they are white or gold card holders, at our Modbury and Findon clinics in Adelaide.

The Department Of Veteran Affairs do not have preferred providers or their own providers as such. All registered Podiatrists across Australia manage and treat DVA clients.

What conditions do Podiatrists treat for DVA clients?

Broadly speaking, Podiatrists can treat any condition within their scope of practice. Foot care is the main treatment that a Podiatrist will do for DVA patients, however treatment is not limited to foot care specifically. A Podiatrist has a wide scope of clinical practice that can be offered.

In terms of white or gold card cover, this may limit what treatment the client will receive. For example, someone with a DVA Gold Card can be treated for any condition whereas a white card is more condition specific.

Conditions commonly managed by a Podiatrist include;

What is a Podiatry assessment?

A Podiatry assessment will occur most thoroughly at the first appointment, and will occur ongoing to monitor foot and leg health at subsequent appointments.

The first visit may include;

Who are DVA clients?

DVA clients are those who are a veteran or a dependant of a veteran. They will hold a white or gold card under this category. To classify as a DVA client they are a current of former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) which includes reservists too.

The difference between white and gold DVA cards

The main difference between the white and gold DVA cards is the level of cover provided.

The DVA white card is only condition specific. This means it can be used for referred conditions. As you need a referral from your doctor, this will state what area or condition is being treated and this will be reflected on the white card. Anything outside of this area can still be treated but may need a separate referral or will be paid out of pocket and not covered.

The DVA gold card can be used for any condition or treatment. This can range from shoe fittings, orthotics, exercise prescription or treatment of any injuries. There are no limitations imposed on gold card cover, compared to the white card cover offered.

Is Podiatry covered by DVA?

Podiatry appointments at Pod Fit Podiatry are fully covered if the DVA client holds a gold card, or a white card with a condition that can be treated by a Podiatrist. To be covered from their first visit, a veteran or dependant must have a valid referral from their Doctor/GP prior to their first appointment.

How Podiatrists communicate with your Doctor

It is important that Podiatrists keep any other health professional up to date with your care. Your Podiatrist will communicate with your Doctor from the very first appointment onwards. A letter and management plan is sent at the first and 12th visit for every DVA client for each new referral received through.

Do I need a referral to see a Podiatrist in Australia?

Yes, a referral is required for all DVA clients. A referral must be received either prior to or at the time of your first appointment to ensure you are covered by DVA. A referral simply must be organised through your Doctor/GP prior to your first visit.

Referrals can be faxed through to 8125 3876, or emailed to admin@podfitadelaide.com.au.

All DVA referrals whether they are white or gold card are valid for up to 12 visits. If further care is required additional referrals must be organised. Your Podiatrist and GP will guide you toward ongoing referrals as required.

Can you see a Podiatrist on Medicare?

Medicare and DVA cover are completely different in terms of covering a Podiatry consult. To qualify for a Medicare rebate at your Podiatry appointment, you must have a valid referral from your Doctor which is based on having a chronic health condition. At any one visit, either Medicare or DVA can be claimed, and not both. Medicare referrals can rebate a portion of the appointment cost, for up to five appointments in the calendar year.

How to book a Podiatry appointment

Booking an appointment is simple.

You can call the clinic, Modbury (08) 7226 9901 or Findon (08) 8340 4932.
Alternatively you can book online using the link here: https://pod-fit-adelaide.cliniko.com/bookings#location

For any further questions please call the clinic or email our friendly admin team at admin@podfitadelaide.com.au

We look forward to meeting you as our new DVA client and helping your foot and leg issues very soon!

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