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The ABC’s of Looking After Children’s Feet

Mum, Dad – my foot hurts!

Injury and pain in children can turn a normal week into a tricky one. That’s it, put on hold any sports or physical activity for the kids. No one is happy when this happens! Sneaking uncertainty creeps in of what should I be doing as a parent to help?

Many questions exist on a parents mind about their children’s health overall, especially when it comes to foot questions. For ideal growth and development it is top priority that children’s feet are cared for from the start. Make sure to include Podiatry in your children’s health checkups to take away the guesswork, and be reassured that you and your kids are on the right track.

Children’s Feet Are Not Simply Mini Adult Feet

As parents we can tend to put children’s foot issues into the same box as adults problems. However, this is not the case. Children’s feet are growing fast, and are affected differently to adults’ feet when it comes to injuries and pain. Babies and children especially have soft bones which are still forming and growing over time. These bones can be more susceptible to injury and require different treatments too.

Common children’s issues that Podiatrists treat:

a. Severs Heel Pain:
Heel pain is very common in children’s feet, particularly around the ages of 12-14 for boys, and 10-12 for girls. Sever’s is the common name for heel pain in children, as the pain is commonly around the growth plate on the heel bone. Podiatrists help heel pain in kids by massage, custom orthotics, getting kids into the right shoes, and getting those legs and feet strong and stable for sports!

b. Growing Pains:
At some stage, most children will experience either vague or specific pain through their muscles and joints as they grow. This can be from growth itself, from exercise demands, or even from the mechanics of movement with walking and running. It’s important to have a skilled eye assessing pain to see what the cause is, and to form a plan around the best management for your child.

c. Ingrown Toenails:
Ingrown toenails can be such pain for kids, and a worry for parents too. Red, swollen, pus filled edges on toenails are understandably a source of stress for parents and kids alike. What’s important to know is that ingrown toenails are totally manageable by Podiatrists. If they’re extra pesky and bothersome, they can also be treated permanently in the clinic too. Trust me when we say, we’ve treated a lot of ingrown toenails at the clinic before!

The Role of Podiatrists in Children’s Health:

Podiatrists are university trained health professionals who deal specifically with both adults and children’s foot health! You can be rest assured that when it comes to both assessment and treatment of children’s foot issues, that a Podiatrist is a fantastic starting point. Early intervention is key for children’s foot health. No doctor’s referral is required, so you can simply book your child in!

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